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Boo Boo Tannenbaum

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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2004|08:34 am]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |boredbored]
[singing |I AM THE WALRUS <333]

Fuck, I lost the test. Might as well do it all over again......... tomorrow....
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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2004|05:02 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |crankythis sucks]

Wow, I've really been neglecting this journal since I got cocaine_nose......................... writing in English sucks. Die, English! Well, not completely, so that I can use snippets of you in my everyday crazy-ass slang.

I did Nushie's huge-ass quiz aeons ago but muh... it didn't turn out humorous or fun or anything. xP

Not like anyone wants me here or anything. :D It would be a total pain in the ass to keep two separate journals >_o Muh... it already is. I have to log in here to check if there are any new friends-only messages, then log in there to check if THERE are new friends-only messages and update..............
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OMG JOURNAL!! [Oct. 4th, 2004|06:15 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |chipperchipper]
[singing |The Flaming Lips - "Charlie Manson Blues"]


Heh, best name ever. How could anyone not have occupied it? :D I'm not a junkie, I just play one on TV.

Writing in Lithuanian feels super weird but I guess it's a lot more flexible coz I just can't translate what happens with my friends, and our slang is the total fucking best.

Now to have people read it. ONWARDS, PIRATES!!
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Ummmmm [Oct. 3rd, 2004|10:08 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |curiouscurious]
[singing |The Beatles - "Twist And Shout"]

I'm reading Lithuanian LJs and I was wondering... well, you know me...... I want to switch my journal to my native language. Or non. Non, non, I could start a new one. Yes, a new journal.

But I wonder.

It's just SO FUCKING COOL to write a journal in Lithuanian. It would be like the crap I write in my chatbook with my friends. And it would be funnier. OMG!! I would so totally get my friends to read it and we'd be so ubercool!! Coz now all of them use the Internet regularly, even Eve The Lamer. And I would tell all of them to leave comments on my shit regularly or else.

Wow, I will so totally get a new journal.

The only problem is. The name of this journal is, well, MINE. It's my name. People call me Mildziux IRL. What can ever possibly replace it? Hmmmmm. It's very late now anyways, so I'll spend tomorrow thinking. Think. THINK.

I need a new nickname.
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2004|09:38 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |indifferentindifferent]
[singing |The Dandy Warhols - "Horse Pills"]

Kick it
Yo, bitch
That's right
Uh Huh

Rockin' on the horse-sized.
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Am I really that stupid?!! [Oct. 3rd, 2004|08:53 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |sillysilly]
[singing |The Servant - "Orchestra"]

Everytime I listen to Franz, I seem to forget I should turn up the volume impossibly high and then I gawk at how weird and quiet it sounds and think I'm tripping on something and FALLING OUT OF LOVE.

Well I never.

I glued a purposefully disturbing photo of Alex in my new chatbook and wrote an even more disturbing self-insertion fanfic where I am A MUSIC STAR OMG AND ALEX LOVES ME. X_____X I think the pedophile chronicles were a lot less disturbing. To quote the great me: "I came when I was writing this". Well okay, my name isn't mentioned, but come on. :D

"Dandys Rule OK" is the best background music for plucking eyebrows, ever.
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And if we got a quarter, we call Sugarboom, Chka chk boom [Oct. 2nd, 2004|08:44 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |cheerfullaughing]
[singing |The Dandy Warhols - "Ride"]

I went to Akropolis!! Here is what I returned with!!

1)A mechanical pencil and two Stabilo 88 perfect for lineart maarkers in the Franz Ferdinand color scheme 8D

In other news, Eve is a total fucking idiot bitch for convincing me there can ever be a Franz CD in a supermarket. Not like I fell for it or something.
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I went to Akropolis!! Here is what I returned with!!

1)A mechanical pencil and two Stabilo 88 perfect for lineart maarkers in the Franz Ferdinand color scheme 8D

In other news, Eve is a total fucking idiot bitch for convincing me there can ever be a Franz CD in a supermarket. Not like I fell for it or something. <_<

I was really excited by this one conversation I had with a friend on Yahoo!Messenger so I bring you: <i>Thousands upon thousands of chat logs only I find amusing!! In Lithuanian to boot. Woot woot!</i>

<lj-cut text="You have no idea what it's like">
mildziux (4:52:13 PM): tu bent zinai, kokia tai busena?
mildziux (4:52:19 PM): x3
mildziux (4:52:28 PM): my life will never be boring again!
looza16 (4:53:21 PM): nezinau ir nenoriu zinot. jejgu butu in real tadum jau kitc rejkalas.
mildziux (4:53:32 PM): aw, koks nusistatymas
mildziux (4:53:43 PM): galima pakvaisti ir del filmo arba muzikos kokios (ne muzikantu)
mildziux (4:54:00 PM): poveikis, sako, kaip kokaino
mildziux (4:54:22 PM): heh, pasakoju dabar kaip narkase "DUDE, you have NO FUCKING IDEA what it's LIKE"
mildziux (4:54:29 PM): all the pretty colors!!</lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="I am a poet! >O">
mildziux (5:11:23 PM): fak, nusiemiau palta, dabar man SALTA
looza16 (5:11:38 PM): hah.
mildziux (5:11:54 PM): nusiemiau palta, dabar man taip salta
mildziux (5:12:00 PM): *sudeda daina*
looza16 (5:12:04 PM): nebutina to kartoti :D
looza16 (5:12:12 PM): au..jo..
mildziux (5:12:33 PM): fak reikia gitaros
mildziux (5:12:48 PM): man dabar toks jausmas, kad gyvenimas nepaprastai lengvas
looza16 (5:12:56 PM): kaip pienes pukas..
mildziux (5:12:57 PM): alles normales!
mildziux (5:13:11 PM): kontrai parasyti, dantys sutaisyti<lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="Everything I have evar dreamed of :O">
mildziux (5:51:51 PM): britney spears teen sex fucking crazy eminem pusse limp bizkit porno xxx jenna jameson hannibal pamela ...
looza16 (5:51:59 PM): :D:D
mildziux (5:52:02 PM): toksai filename, toliau bijau ziuret
looza16 (5:52:05 PM): galingai
looza16 (5:52:16 PM): juokingas
looza16 (5:52:25 PM): viskas sumalta i viena
mildziux (5:52:30 PM): a, as durne gi video norejau
mildziux (5:52:35 PM): cia PERFECT MOVIE FOR US!!
mildziux (5:52:46 PM): downloadinsiu ir ateisit ir visos ziuresit!
looza16 (5:52:54 PM): :D
looza16 (5:52:56 PM): butinai
mildziux (5:53:03 PM): cia viskas yra, ir eminemas, ir britney, ir porno xxx, ir beatles, ir pamela anderson
looza16 (5:53:14 PM): vyskas.
mildziux (5:53:19 PM): argi galima daugiau noret?
looza16 (5:53:31 PM): ne. rojus zemeje</lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="Only nerds listen to AC/DC >_>">
mildziux (5:59:27 PM): ac dc.... dammit, ir neturi zmones ko klausyt
mildziux (5:59:39 PM): klausytu geru grupiu su geru beatu ir protingais zodziais
looza16 (5:59:40 PM): mano tecio megstamiausia grupe
mildziux (5:59:44 PM): blogas tetis
mildziux (5:59:50 PM): a
mildziux (5:59:52 PM): aa
mildziux (5:59:52 PM): a
mildziux (5:59:54 PM): floodinu
mildziux (5:59:56 PM): a
mildziux (5:59:57 PM): aaa
mildziux (5:59:58 PM): a
looza16 (6:00:01 PM): vfklbnlnbfbnkl
mildziux (6:00:03 PM): kad kartais nepamatytu per peti
mildziux (6:00:05 PM): jeigu ka
mildziux (6:00:06 PM): a
mildziux (6:00:07 PM): aa</lj-cut>

<lj-cut text="OMG hilarious typo :OOOOOOOO">
mildziux (6:33:25 PM): parasiau sakini su 'kadangi' ir koki pusvalandi galvoju, ka tas zodis is tikro reiskia
mildziux (6:33:32 PM): ar tinka ji ten padeti
looza16 (6:33:43 PM): ir ka nusperdei?

<lj-cut text="ALEX AND COURTNEY <33333">
mildziux (6:39:23 PM): ka tu myli :DDDDDD
looza16 (6:39:42 PM): :D
looza16 (6:39:49 PM): nu gi as nieko nemyliu...
mildziux (6:39:54 PM): jezaus nemyli?
mildziux (6:40:02 PM): oh yeah jeeeeesus, you got me gooooooing
looza16 (6:40:06 PM): butu bent jau toks kaipo klausimas: kas tau patynka? :D
mildziux (6:40:08 PM): *hard on for jesus*
looza16 (6:40:15 PM): nemyliu,.
mildziux (6:40:19 PM): toks silpnas zodis
mildziux (6:40:25 PM): gerai, kas tau patyyyynka? <3
mildziux (6:40:27 PM): XDDd
mildziux (6:40:34 PM): *seriously, hard on?*
looza16 (6:40:40 PM): o tau..tu pirma pasakyk :D
mildziux (6:40:52 PM): ;d
mildziux (6:40:54 PM): ;D
mildziux (6:41:08 PM): alexander kapranos and courtney taylor taylor
looza16 (6:41:15 PM): nu neee...lietuvis kox :D?
mildziux (6:41:16 PM): <3
mildziux (6:41:21 PM): jasikevicius XD
mildziux (6:41:33 PM): ;D

<lj-cut text="Have I ever told you me and my friends used to have a whole universe of humor based entirely around pedophiles? Aaah, good times.">
mildziux (6:57:27 PM): penis! jesus has come back from the dead as a raging zombie pedophile!!
mildziux (6:57:35 PM): it can't be!!
mildziux (6:57:41 PM): must fuck baby assholes!!
looza16 (6:58:04 PM): reikia man akis issiplaut dabar
mildziux (6:58:04 PM): oh fuck, desimta karta skaitau tuos cmx ir dar zvengiu
mildziux (6:58:08 PM): kodel?
looza16 (6:58:17 PM): slykstu
mildziux (6:58:21 PM): zombie pedophile jesus VEL sugrizo
looza16 (6:58:22 PM): susipurvino
mildziux (6:58:30 PM): RAR!! BABY ASSHOLES!!
looza16 (6:58:45 PM): cia musu naujoji tema?

<lj-cut text="^_^">
mildziux (7:13:30 PM): 3_3
mildziux (7:13:32 PM): C_C
looza16 (7:13:37 PM): D_D
mildziux (7:13:44 PM): e_e
looza16 (7:14:01 PM): ^O^
mildziux (7:14:02 PM): #_#
looza16 (7:14:05 PM): siksnosparnis
mildziux (7:14:14 PM): :D
looza16 (7:14:31 PM): +_+
mildziux (7:14:32 PM): u_u
mildziux (7:14:49 PM): galima del grozio padeti ne bruksni kaip burna, o taska kaip nosi
mildziux (7:14:53 PM): arba du taskus kaip burna
mildziux (7:14:56 PM): o..o
looza16 (7:14:58 PM): mmm.
mildziux (7:15:03 PM): ne, gal cia vis delto nosis
looza16 (7:15:03 PM): O:O
mildziux (7:15:05 PM): x_X
looza16 (7:15:10 PM): :P
mildziux (7:15:15 PM): '_'
mildziux (7:15:20 PM): '_______'
mildziux (7:15:34 PM): g_g
looza16 (7:15:34 PM): sitas fainas '_'
mildziux (7:15:44 PM): pirmakart matau, kad kas nors isvis ji naudotu
mildziux (7:15:46 PM): JIS MANO
looza16 (7:15:48 PM): /__\
mildziux (7:15:55 PM): :D
mildziux (7:16:09 PM): >_>
looza16 (7:16:09 PM): |__|
mildziux (7:16:31 PM): e_e a

<lj-cut text="Another convo. When I'm a rockstar I will sing about drugs too and will be so cool! JUNKIE POSER">
mildziux (9:28:12 PM): zinai, man atrodo, kad jauciu, kur svirkstas pataike i nosi
mildziux (9:28:49 PM): and i can see you got the heroin blues, really, it looks so good on you <3</lj-cut>

Wow, that's a LOT of stuff. What's even more amusing that all this is in Lithuanian and I continue writing in English. Still. Um. I should... write... something in... German?

Rock und pop. <3 That's all I can manage for now.
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Well, that was easy [Oct. 1st, 2004|03:54 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |calmcalm]
[singing |interview]

There's this photo where Courtney looks very much like my cousin for some reason. Also, that's the most beautiful photo I've ever seen of him and it's the one that compelled me to start collecting them. And I will print em. <3

I have this great feeling that my life's going really smoothly and everything's sweet and easy. I went to the dentist today and expected hours upon hours or horrible pain, but the worst thing was when the anaesthetic syringe went up really high and poked the inside of my nose and I didn't feel anything much... well, repeatedly tearing apart my poor lip corner that's already been suffering for a week isn't the most pleasant thing ever, but I got used to it. It gets torn twenty times a day anyway.

Also, I'm done with a lot of tests at school, and um... for the project, I have to do an interview but it's a very long time away... we'll do some filming and I'll do some junkie acting... :D It's all fun.

FRANZ INTERVIEWS OMG. *wonders if she'll ever be as good at talking as Sasha*

I brought half of the photos to school (the ones I could cram into my tiny photobook xD) and everyone kinda liked them. Muh.. appeal to the masses. I loved all the photos but um... I'm tired of hitting people over the head for making fun of Alex. Not like they ever hit back, tho. It just gets boring. Oh well.

I had lots of fun at school today. My best friends were really depressed in the morning and started depressing me but our school's just far too crazy to be depressed XDDD Today was the first day with hired security, but meh. Not much security there. Everyone thought no one was gonna leave the building during recess. And... stuff happened. Fun fun.
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8O! [Sep. 30th, 2004|07:44 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |contentcontent]
[singing |Talking Heads - "Once In A Lifetime"]

I got seven pages of super hot Franz photossssss printed!!~ *dies inside a trolleybus and show off to all the teachers*

Also, I now collect super hot Dandys photos since Giedre liked Courtney and showed me a really good pic and triggered my squirrel instincts and UUUUHHHHHHHH *dies at the computer*

Also... my singing teacher said that if I want to sing solo in some festival or stuff, I can do any song I want if I have the music. @_@ ANY SONG. Including my bands. That I already know by heart.

...and it has to be in Lithuanian.


Not really, I don't want to sing anything solo o_O;;
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Christmas in September!! [Sep. 29th, 2004|05:31 pm]
Boo Boo Tannenbaum
[feeling |gigglygiggly]
[singing |The Dandy Warhols - "Everyday Should Be A Holiday"]

My mom is very mad coz I obsess over Alex so much, but I'm really feeling very happy. And sensitive to good things. I already feel like Christmas coz I listened to a bit of Blink 182 and it's getting a teeny bit dark inside. I feel like this Christmas is gonna rock.

Okay, if I keep crushing on someone or someTHING (it's happened with movies and I think other shit >_>) till Christmas. Coz everything is better then. Even though everybody hates me for being a rabid fangirl. Except Eve, who is MY BEST FRIEND NOW because she's a rabid fangirl too and we can understand each other. None of us like the other's object of love, tho XD But since we're more or less in the same boat, we're civil and occassionally point out how... decent Yamanaka or Alex look XD

And we both got free lighters today!!
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